APM Sirius Observatory Domes • Motorised Shutters, 3.5m Dome

Observatory Dome Motorised Shutters, 3.5m Dome

One of the most interesting points of the Sirius Observatories is their possibility entirely or to be partially motorized thanks to the use of engines and perfectly integrated feeding system. The first level of motorization consists in equipping the dome with a system of electric rotation. By observing the image attentively opposite it is possible to see a long toothed rectangular stem traversing all the circumference of the cupola. Gears inside the white reinforcement are in rotation and involve the stem fixed on the cupola. The pushbutton on the racket of order located in bottom can be actuated in the two directions. The dome then carries out a rotation clockwise or anti-clockwise quickly, with precision and without risk of skid thanks to the system of toothed drive cut finely to the laser.

The connecting cable between the pushbutton and the case of order is sufficiently long to activate the rotation of the cupola with does not import place inside this one. Avoid stopping an observation while always laying out with the hand or this accessory bringing a real comfort. The second level included motorization of the cimier. It is indeed possible to motorize the opening and the closing of the moving parts of the cupola. The lower obturator open or is closed using a release mechanical (long stem on the photograph above) and supplied with 12V. This rigid arm avoids the vibrations in the event of winds when the obturator is open. Sensors limit the displacement of the arm motorized to avoid any going beyond.

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