APM Sirius Observatory Domes • University Model, 6.7m, motorized, without walls

Observatory Dome University Model, 6.7m, motorized, without walls

The University size unit is ideal for larger groups and the bigger telescope. Seated groups of up to twenty people will find such an observatory very spacious and extremely easy to operate.

More Features

  • Easy to use hand operated dome rotation and shutter operation
  • Motorised dome rotation and or motorized shutter operation
  • Pendant control of motor from anywhere inside the observatory
  • Motorised dome rotation: clockwise and anti-clockwise
  • Computer driven dome rotation and / or shutter operation - MaxDome
  • Instructions supplied for home assembly
  • High Wind Kit available
  • Standard models withstand wind gusts up to 144 kph / 90 mph
  • High Wind option withstands wind gusts up to 225 kph / 140 mph
  • Solar panels installed with motorized option to re-charge 12v batteries
  • Mains battery charger 110 – 240V, optional
  • Night and Day Solar Vent available to circulate air
  • Excellent external finish – manufactured from marine grade fiberglass resins
  • Completely waterproof
  • White exterior – colour variations optional
  • Interior walls – dove grey
  • Interior dome – black
  • Stainless Steel fittings – corrosion free
  • Silent dome rotation – sealed bearings in urethane wheels


Dome only height:3.3m
Dome diameter:6.7m
Aperture width:1.8m
Aperture length (to Zenit):800mm
Wind speed:225km/h


Dome with race and attachment ring for existing wall.

Shipping Information

Shipping cost are variable, depending on the distance to the Stock of the europe-importer in france.