APM Sirius Observatory Domes • College Model, 5m, motorized, without walls

Observatory Dome College Model, 5m, motorized, without walls

SIRIUS OBSERVATORIES offers also domes without walls. The dome is fastened completely simply by means of an attachment ring on the already existing wall. In addition to our 2.3 metre Home Model, 3.5m School Model and 6.7m University Models, demand from customers has meant we have increased the size of the Sirius family to include the 5 metre College Model. This latest design gives plenty of room, yet is still small enough that it can be put together without a specialist supervisor. An easy to follow instruction manual is sent with every observatory sold.

All our observatories are made from extremely high quality materials, yielding a deterioration rate of only 0.1% per annum after 20 years under normal conditions, if properly maintained. We can provide them in any colour, although most people choose white to keep things cool in the summer months.

For those that prefer a simple approach to life, the 2.3m and 3.5m can come in either a manual or a motorised version. (The 5m and 6.7m are too large to operate manually.) All sizes can have a Maxdome motor installed to co-ordinate the shutters; the dome rotation and the telescope direction.

Developed and built in Australia, our observatories withstand some of the coldest regions on the planet (including northern Finland), to some of the warmest (including Australia, the Utah desert, Arizona etc).


Dome only height:2.65m
Dome diameter:5.0m
Aperture width:1.5m
Aperture length (to Zenit):750mm
Wind speed:144km/h


Dome with race and attachment ring for existing wall.

Shipping Information

Shipping cost are variable, depending on the distance to the Stock of the europe-importer in france.