APM Sirius Observatory Domes • School Model, 3.5m, without walls

Observatory Dome School Model, 3.5m, without walls

SIRIUS OBSERVATORIES offers also domes without walls.

The dome is fastened completely simply by means of an attachment ring on the already existing wall. The School model with a diameter of 3.5m sufficient place for instruments with an opening of up to 600mm.

This dome size is suitable for Dobson telescopes, SC telescopes (like the LX200GPS 16") or a RC-telescope with 500mm opening on an equatorial Mount. The School Model is for associations and schools, up to 9 persons.

The School-Model is not motorised, motorisation for dome rotation and/or shutters is optional available.


Dome only height:1.75m
Dome diameter:3.5m
Aperture width:1.0m
Aperture length (to Zenit):400mm
Wind speed:144km/h


Dome with race and attachment ring for existing wall.

Shipping Information

Shipping cost are variable, depending on the distance to the Stock of the europe-importer in france.